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Bugs or Insecticides?

Sometimes you may find the odd caterpillar in your cauliflower!

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Sometimes we receive an email that a caterpillar is in the cauliflower! But if that does happen, lets look at it from the following point of view:

If we sprayed insecticides on the cauliflowers (which we do not), then there would never be any nice, friendly insects in your cauliflower as the spray kills all insects by destroying their cells.

But an insecticide has a residue that is clear so therefore you can not see it and remains on the plant. So what do you prefer? Something that you may see like a caterpillar hiding in the leaves or something that you can not see but has proven to be harmful in the long term?

We wash the cauliflowers with water from the tap just to try our best at making sure you don't have any new crawly friends :)

But the point... If you see any hungry bugs just wash them off and be happy that your new crawly friend is alive and healthy and that they have quality controlled the cauliflower to certify that it is perfect for you.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 20th August 2021