The Farm

We love growing your veg - much of the work is done by hand and we strive for proper tasting veggies!

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Looking after the Environment

We grow lots of bees, look after our high organic matter soil and have planted lots of trees and hedgerows.


How we grow your food

We grow a more organic way without using lots of pesticides, growing for taste, quality not quantity.

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The Field Kitchen

We create great recipes for you veg box and show you how to cook the contents of your veg box each week.

Making Farming Fun

We love farming and we can't wait to show you around the farm. Groo are we? Well you can meet the team growing your veg.

Farming is so much fun, seeing a cauliflower for the first time, meeting the bees or taking the tractor ride around the farm. Theres lots to see and do.

See what else is new on the farm.

We hope to have Farm Tours and Events back soon!


What we grow on the farm

Have supermarkets ruined the seasons? Of course we want strawberries in the winter but not if they lack flavour and freshness.

At Groobarbs we focus on what's in season and tastes great. We use some season extension methods but not at the cost to taste or the environment.

Opening times

Open to the public again in summer 2021

Where to find us

Groobox Ltd. Groobarb's Wild Farm
Mag Lane
High Legh
WA16 0AA

Grow on then... Try a veg box!

Imagine tucking into veg picked the same day as you eat it. Well thats what we do at Groobarbs Wild Farm. We then deliver your Groobox full of fresh veggies. Click below to order now!

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