Frequently asked questions

  • log in to The weekend before your delivery you can change the contents of your actual veg box. click 'manage contents'

  • Yes we do. We actually use about 90% less than the supermarkets. We have stopped using plastic in our growing techniques on the farm, which was by far our biggest use of plastic.

  • Good question. You can't change your order after noon on Monday for delivery of that week. Its so that we have time to pick your veg and not waste any!

  • In 2019 57% of all the veg was grown at Groobarbs Wild Farm in Cheshire. Thats is a tremendous effort for year round production from one farm. Three other farms using glasshouses in Cheshire & Lancashire help top up the supply especially during the hungry gap in April and May. They grow to our specification to make sure the Groobarbs way of environmental farming gets bigger.

  • All the crops we grow do not have pesticides sprayed on the actual produce, which is probably the most important thing. We have not registered for organic status yet as we are learning how to grow over 50 crops without pesticides. A University has conducted soil tests at Groobarbs Farm and compared it to commercial farm land, the residues of all chemicals in Groobarbs Soil was far lower than commercial farm land.

  • If you have registered fruit or veg that you dislike we will swap it out for something we know you would prefer. Also if you login to your account and swap out items that will become a bespoke order. The £1 additional cost reflects the extra work we have to do to make your box bespoke and give you that additional service.

  • There is a collection hub at the farm entrance. You will need a code so please email for your code. Pick up is between 10am Wed to 5pm Thursday each week.

  • Ok I totally understand. Please take a photo and email us and we will replace any veg that is not to the correct standard.

  • Please login to your account and see what day your box is due for delivery. We deliver up to 9pm each day. So rest assured we are on it. If your box has not been delivered by then, please email and we will let you know whats happened, and get it corrected for you.

  • If veg is grown in Spain and delivered to you imagine how much fuel that has taken. If we grow it around the corner from you it will be much fresher, last longer and not cost the earth. It's your choice but local saves a lot.

  • Login to your account at and click the skip button for the week you are away. It will automatically skip your order for that week.

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