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It's Getting Dry Out There!

April Update

Dry soil

This Monday I did the farm walk-around and the wind on Friday and Saturday has turned some of the fields into a dust bowl. The worst affected crops are the sweet corns. After growing them in the tunnel for the last 5 weeks and then planting them out into a dry seedbed last week, the last thing you would want is a dry easterly gale for 2 days. Well, that's what we got and I can only hope that the roots find some moisture. I will let you know what happens!

All plants needs water, nutrients, air, the right temperature and sunlight. Take one of these out and you have a problem. But give the plant all the right things in the right amounts and you have no disease at all. They just thrive in the right conditions.

So can you wish for some rain please! We have had no proper rain that has done a good soaking since early March. If we don't get some soon things will look worrying.

The ideal is if you wish for a decent soaking once per week please, plenty of sun in-between and no frost from now until December!

The good news is that the apple and pear blossom is doing really well, probably the best we have had for years. Spring onions are looking the best ever and we have never picked it so early in the season. The beauty of growing so many crops is that there are always some that have different tolerances and growing situations. I guess nature has designed it that way so that there's always something to eat!

by David Fryer on 28th April 2022