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Chlorinated chicken from the USA... What about your veg?

Chlorinated Water use in UK food.

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So a lot of people in the UK are getting upset (and they should) that if we have a free trade deal with the USA then we don’t want chicken that has been pressure washed in chlorinated water.

And neither should we. I don’t want it. But If I may point out to everyone in the UK something… why is it ok that all your salads and root vegetables from supermarkets are ALL washed in chlorinated water?

Oh it must be different water, uh uh, nope its exactly that same as what the USA wash their chicken in. A mixture of chemicals in a water solution.

So why don’t we get upset about UK veg from supermarkets being washed in Chlorinated water… will I expect to see protests in Whitehall this weekend?

Now at Groobarbs Wild Farm we are a small farm so we just use the water from the tap to wash the carrots, parsnips, beetroot leeks etc etc.. we don’t need chlorination!!

by David Fryer on 13th December 2019