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What Is Being Ethical... & Cabbages

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A friend of mine once explained to me that a chap from the Mafia is being ethical if he 'disposes' of the guy that is in treason to the family. I had to get my head around that, but basically 'Ethics' must be the personal choices a person makes, that they think will enhance their survival... Are you still with me?

Ok, therefore, education and knowledge must be tremendously important, as it helps make people more aware, and therefore more able to make better decisions that improves humanity and for the greater good.

I am always open to learning better ways of growing food on the farm and I am ruthless when it comes to chemical firms. Time and time again it comes out that what they actually get farmers to use, can have long term health and environmental problems. What are the ethics here?

Talking of decisions, I thought I was doing the right thing last spring, when the UK was suffering from supply problems of veg and transport (to name a few). So I thought I should plant lots of different types of cabbages for the winter of 21/22.

Cabbages are great and easy to grow, are very nutritious, and they can last all winter outside, even with bad frosts.

The thing is... I got slightly carried away with the planting of them and we have loads of them in the field. I love them, but I am worried that if we start putting them in the boxes each week then that will not be very popular.

So I would really like to know your thoughts. During the winter, many people will still want tomatoes and let's be honest, that requires a lot of fuel. But do we give people what they want or what's best for the planet?

So there you go, now you know what is more ethical, will that mean you still go for tomatoes, or the cabbages? We will find out in April if we have many cabbages left in the field lol.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 11th November 2021