Full Beans Ahead

Don’t you just love the warmest 6 weeks the UK experiences during the year?

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From the last week in June to the 1st week in August statistically is the warmest day and night temperatures of the year.

It means all the crops are growing at their fastest and as I have commented on a lot lately the weeds too!

But we seem to have gotten on top of the weeds with a lot of work in the last week, all spurred on by the enthusiasm of our volunteers. What has been extra cool is that our 3rd attempt at growing Broad Beans has been a great success. They are lovely to eat raw ( as I found out today).

The trick to growing them was to plant them early and put fleece over them. They got ahead of the weeds and the birds could not get to them with the fleece on.

The broad beans are also great for the soil and are 3 times faster to pick than peas by hand. So I am not as unpopular on the farm when the team picked them this week.

We hope you like them as much as we do. They are a seasonal star right now and we may have the first in our area.

by David Fryer on 08th August 2019
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