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Mixed Emotions, El Niño & Drought

Battling the weather

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What is El Niño? And why is it affecting us? The Pacific Ocean is the largest area of water on the planet - El Niño is the name given to the warm phase of a cycle where a huge area of water warms up and powers the weather around the world. I reckon that's what's causing the dry spell.

Whilst the weather is great at the moment, it does cause problems. The very dry conditions makes planting every week a lot harder and nerve-wracking! Throughout May, June & July the ideal is to have a good shower of rain once per week and 23°C in the daytime & 12°C at night time.

My emotions were a bit sad this morning as my last sowing of carrots is not looking too good - the tiny little seedlings just do not have enough moisture to grow so about 50% have come up. Hopefully the rest will come up with a shower of rain at the weekend. So if you could order me some rain it would help a lot.

The carrots that I sowed in February are amazing and we have been picking them for 3 weeks now. All of the other crops look pretty good too. It's just a battle of keeping the weeds to a manageable level.

One of the reasons for getting the land at Great Budworth next to the lake was so we could use the water for irrigation. It's a huge effort and requires a lot of resources; it would be a last resort. So in the meantime we will use all the tools and tricks we can to conserve as much moisture as possible.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 6th June 2023