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The Plastic Debate

Is it possible to make a difference using less plastic?

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The Plastic Debate…

This year more than any other year we have had a steady stream of emails and messages from you about reducing plastic. We have been researching the solution and we are not alone is this endeavour.

Compared to supermarkets we use at least 25% less plastic and as you know most of the veg in the box comes without being wrapped in any plastic. The problem is things like mixed leaf salad & spinach. If they were not in plastic they would wilt and would be thrown out (paper bags suck the moisture out of the leaves) or potatoes would deposit their soil everywhere. Wood pulp cartons could be a solution and we have experimented with them however when you weigh up the environmental harm of all the processing and transport of wood it does not make sense either.

Then there is bio-degradable plastic, which degrades into tiny bits of plastic which causes huge problems for animal, bird and aquatic life, so that is definitely not the answer either.

The best solution we have come up with is COMPOSTABLE PLASTIC and that just bio-degrades into mainly water. So that is our solution and when we have ran out of our current stock of plastic bags we will switch over to compostable plastic bags instead.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 22nd November 2018