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Washing your veg without Chemicals

Did you know that supermarket veg is washed in a chemical solution mixed with water?

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Washing in a human way!

It is still a machine age where some of the leaders of business salivate over the mechanistic marvels, that increase production to levels where the original concepts or purposes of the product are forgotten and currency is the only fuel worth having.

Things like taste, vitamin and mineral content and long term effects on the end user can be forgotten.

It is not too long since I was toured around the North West’s largest carrot farm and their giant washing plant. Its no wonder carrots go mouldy in a bag from the supermarket was my conclusion.

So although sometimes we leave the soil on I wanted you to know that the photo above is our human approach to washing your veg, Just plain old water and no chemical cleaning products.

Love David x .

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 3rd December 2018