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What veg says about your poop!

Yes we're going there and we're not turning back!

Toiletpapier Gobran111

I was talking to an old, wise local farmer this week about rhubarb and how it is growing well this year. I mentioned about how farmers should communicate the benefits of rhubarb on your digestion. He said, “Well they don’t call it easy squeeze for nothing!” Working hard to make sure no mental pictures arrived into view I gathered my thoughts on what is actually a very important subject - veg and your digestive system.

A quick search on the internet found many guides and interesting information on the subject of your stools. The one thing that struck me is that there is lots of information out there and that you should be keeping a daily check on the mg of fibre you're eating or keeping a daily log of the foods you eat. Well I don't know any one who has the time to be making daily logs of mg of fibre consumed etc. So lets make it simple.

Eat rhubarb while it's in season - eat a mix of greens, root veg and fruits every day. 10 portions per day is the new recommendation. Spend less time reading the internet and more time making great meals for yourself. Ah sounds like the old days. You know, these old farmers do have something good to share!

Have a great week - David xx

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 3rd December 2018