Your dedicated farmers!

What does it take to get the job done? Find out from your farmers David & Rebecca Fryer

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Your Dedicated Farmers!

Our motto at Groobarbs is to ‘improve and diversify food production.’ It is amazing that only 30 years ago our local area was very well know over the UK for small farms and market gardeners growing vegetables for the North West. Thirty years later and it is a very different situation.

Transportation of uniform vegetables clog the M6 most days. But we are hopefully starting a trend in the North West that proves small farms dedicated to producing and growing for their local community can make a farm viable.

We want to improve the quality and freshness of your food, by picking the veg early in the morning and for it to be on your plate for tea.

We want to change how it is grown and all at a human level where you can come and see it.

We want diversify away from food that has travelled hundreds of miles and burnt fuel that asphyxiates our planet.

We want you to regain the lost knowledge that our community had when life was more sustainable.

We think you want this too and we’re so happy to have you aboard. It is hard work but then the origin of the word vegetable means ‘to be in action’ which we think is actually the best way to be.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 03rd December 2018
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