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Can plants think?

What? Oh no I don't want to hurt anyone!

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Can Plants Think?

Can plants think? I will leave it to you to decide, but on a recent talk I was doing at a local primary school the teacher was very forthright in making sure the children thought that plants definitely do not think. Perhaps out of a fear that they would not eat them if they thought they had feelings.

It has split the science world but I wanted to give you my take on a very interesting subject. Essentially plants need the correct temperature, nutrients, sunlight, air and water to grow successfully. When they get all of the above in the right amounts there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm coming from my fields.

When I have walked into a crop and they are dying when they should be vigorously growing then the feeling I pick up is the same as when I feel sad and the whole crop seems like its in grief.

So in my opinion it seems that a plant has some basic expression of emotion. I have found with each year that I grow crops, the more I am willing to be in tune with the plants, then it has helped me become a better grower and produce better crops for us all to eat. So there you are I have become a veg nerd!

A big thanks to everyone that attended the recent open day on the farm, it is so good to meet you all and share how we grow the crops. We have big plans for next year and we will be open every week so you can come any time. You can see our expansion unfold on our social media posts over the next few weeks and months.

Have a great week… all the vegy best David.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 3rd December 2018