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For a long time I thought that as we were growing as organically as we possibly can, there is no need to test for any pesticides in the produce you eat. But chatting to commercial farmers using pesticides, I was shocked at how they talked about their results in a joking way, about going over the limits of what's allowed and then still selling them to supermarkets, with both parties turning a blind eye.

I thought we should check into this as maybe chemicals come up through the soil... one can never be too sure what someone else put on the land before we arrived. So to cure my curiosity we grabbed a random cauliflower and cauliflower & sent them off to be analysed for their pesticide residues to find out precisely what is in them.

For just 2 vegetables it costs £150 each for the test, which was a shock. So the results came back... NOT A SINGLE TRACE OF ANY PESTICIDE WAS FOUND IN OUR CAULIFLOWER OR CABBAGE.

I then asked if they could pass on typical results from standard farms that supply supermarkets. They provided 2 certificates as an example with the names blocked out so we did not know who it was. There it was in black and white: significant traces of fungicides and herbicide.

It feels great to actually get a significant result for something I felt must be the case, so we need to shout about it!

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 28th September 2022