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If it looks similar why is the price different?

Why should I pay more even if it looks the same?

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The Veg Price Myth

So if it looks the same why is it more expensive? How veg can be deceiving.

Chlorpyrifos is a dangerous chemical that has recently been banned for spraying outside on farms.

Back as late as the 2000’s it was widely used in peoples kitchens to control insects, before it was been realised the chemical had significant potential to cause low birth weight in children and lasting neurological changes.

However, if spraying inside in glass houses it is still ok to use. It is now mainly used for plant propagation, so that is growing the plants in glasshouses and then planting them out. Most veg in the UK is done this way.

Chlorpyrifos is 69 times cheaper per 1000 plants to spray than the organic registered, and just as good a spray that we use, called Tracer.

So there you are, it might look the same but one is has a totally different history that you can't see.

Love David x

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 3rd December 2018