Do what you're told

Sometimes we think we are in control but we find out we're not


Do we do what we’re told?

An absolute fortune is spent on food marketing campaigns in the UK each year, 98.8% of the money is allocated for soft drinks, confectionary, and processed foods. Only 1.2% is for fruit and vegetables (Source: The Veg Power Campaign). It begs the question, Do we eat what we’re told to eat?

After reading this stat it made me think about our farm’s budget for marketing. I do have one, but I have just worked out that it is less than 1% of turnover. I must admit I do quite like that I don't spend hours and lots of money on marketing, as it seems common sense that people would just want to eat their veg regardless of marketing... right?!

Well even Jamie Oliver has launched his veg campaign this week, so I am going to make a determined effort to communicate to Cheshire and Manchester that we are here and the veg from our farm is healthy, free from pesticides and does not cost the earth, literally!

News from the farm

Underneath the top soil the water table has only just started to move downward which has revealed more drainage problems, so this week between planting sweetcorn and main crop potatoes we have been clearing blocked drains.. not my favourite job, I was covered in mud! We will have to leave part of the farm fallow to dry up which will give the soil a good rest.

The heat of last week has drifted away and the lettuce and runner beans seem to have survived it well. It is amazing to see nature catch up so fast, with good hot sunny weather. We will be watering the crops next week as we move into the most busy time of the year on the farm.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 03rd December 2018
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