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Is Hysteria Our Achilles heel?

Our farm and the fuel crisis

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This week, instead of being out in the field's I was dashing around making sure we had enough fuel for all of our deliveries this week. Luckily the local garage only 2 miles away was fine, but it does make me think about about looking into electric vehicles more seriously, or perhaps even a horse and cart.

On the farm, harvest '21 is being very bountiful. We have plenty of food in the fields that will last us right up until April 2022- provided no crazy frosts occur.

Sometimes you have to ask who is winning from the madness; a few years ago before 'fake news' was a phrase, I was once on a train to London sat opposite a recent graduate of journalism who admitted: "How are we supposed to make money if we don't stoke the fire?". Well I think we can all agree that the fire is at high roar.

I guess our farm is too boring to make headlines, but we have worked hard to make sure our fields are full of produce. Picked, packed and delivered to your doorstep in (usually) less than 48 hours, we are drastically reducing the fuel and energy required to get food onto your table. Therefore, as your local growers, you can rely on us to get fresh veg delivered to your door, without costing the earth. Oh, and it saves you a trip to the supermarket!

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 1st October 2021