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It's getting wetter!

2020 was the 2nd wettest year since the 1880s!


Last week we almost received our total average January rainfall between Monday night and Wednesday evening. So I have spent my weekend trawling through Met Office archives to see if it's true that it's getting wetter. It's clear from the graph above that I extrapolated from the web page https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/ that in Northwest England since the 1930's it is much wetter each decade. 2020 was the 2nd wettest year since the 1880s.

Becky will tell you I am definitely a weather nerd. But it means we are right to seek out land in Cheshire that is more sandy so that we can cope with this increase in average rainfall. We have only grown successfully on lighter soils!

by David Fryer on 22nd January 2021