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Veg will help your goals in 2022!

Looking to the year ahead...

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I find it rather amazing that most commercial veg farmers I talk to are rather despondent about the forthcoming year. It's amazing because out there in Hollywood and social media, the self-help and motivational gurus always rave about eating healthy, fresh vegetables, and lots of them. What better advertisement do farmers need?

So there is no moaning here; we just knew from when we first started growing veg that pretty much all aspects of it are hard work. So let's just crack on with it anyway... that means getting into a lot of action.

I really hope for 2022 you get into lot's of action too! And eat up your veg box each week!

So whatever your goals are this year: a new car, a nice holiday, meet more people, do that hobby you always wanted to do or start a new group, I am sure that if you feed your body the right stuff it will help you get to where you are going.

If there is one thing I think all us Brits should do, it is spend a bit more time each week cooking fresh food; apparently we are the worst in Europe for the time we give to making food.

So all you have to do is cook it :) But we have a surprise. From June this year we will open our Field Kitchen which will be the place for you to taste the fresh veggies and learn more recipes.

Boom, lets go 2022!

by David Fryer on 6th January 2022