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Veg Is Not Always Perfect!

Why perfect looking veg is not necessarily the best for you...


This week you may notice some marks on your beetroot. Despite its appearance, they are completely harmless and don't affect the taste or quality of nutrition in the veg. But what are they?

During the second and third week of June, our latest crop of beetroot became stressed due to the lack of rain and soaringly high temperatures. When under these conditions the tiny roots are susceptible to a disease which causes the skin to scab a little. Of course there is a pesticide that can prevent the plant from getting it, but as it's the first time it's happened in 8 years why would we put a pesticide on something that you will eat?

Although it's not perfect, it does not affect the taste at all. In fact if we did spray them with a pesticide it would affect the taste a lot. But you peel the skin away anyway so what is the point? And who knows what the long term effects of that pesticide are!

The beetroot does not look perfect but if you peel away the skin they are perfectly fine to eat. We tried some roasted the other day and that's how we know they are awesome!

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 29th July 2021