What does the word vegetable mean?

Lets get to the root of the matter!

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Origin of the word Vegetable?

It’s interesting when you look up the origin of a word, it really helps understanding and hopefully ones attitude towards activities using the specific word.

Origins of words can go back many hundreds of years and often in the english language they date back to Roman times (Latin) over 2,000 years ago.

They tend to be the first written records of words and their original meaning, our interest lies in the fact that cultures can lose the sense of words and knowledge can be lost - has our culture today got a full understanding of the word vegetable?

ORIGIN of Vegetable:Middle English ‘growing as a plant’:

from late Latin vegetabilis ‘animating,’

from Latin vegetat - ‘enlivened’from vegere ‘be active’

I have also seen the origin to mean ‘full of energy.’ So there we are, the word vegetable seems to come from the stuff of life itself. Perhaps we should share this secret.

Have a great week.

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 03rd December 2018
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