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What is the impact of this weather on the farm?

Heatwave July 2022

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In Australia it's normal that each summer the temperature gets into the 40's. When I was 18 years old I spent nearly a year working on a farm out there. One day it reached 43°C. That day my boss said we were not allowed to operate any farm machines between noon and 5pm due to fire risk. So we had a nap and rode out the hot wind that was blowing. To mitigate fire risk, we had prepared water bowsers and cultivated fire breaks into the fields to try and limit any potential spread of fire.

It's very strange to see a prediction of 41°C for parts of the UK this week. Up until this week I felt we had done very well this year at growing all the crops. But all around the farm and in next doors fields we see the heat is making things become tinder dry. And eventually some of our crops will succumb to the lack of moisture.

Luckily, growing veg is not as risky for fire as growing wheat and barley as the leaves are very green. A few crops will be very happy this week; all the squashes, courgettes and sweet corn will thrive in this heat, whereas peas, beans, potatoes and broccoli will really struggle.

Back In March I remember writing to you to wish for some dry weather. Well thank you, we have not really had a decent amount of rain since then and now we really need to consider investing in irrigation at Budworth farm :)

The ideal is nice and sunny every week, a consistent temperature of 13°C at night and 21°C in the day and then 20mm of rain one night a week - then repeat. If you could order that please your crops will be very happy!