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A Groobarbs Christmas Message

Merry Christmas From All of The Groobarbs Team

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What is the real tradition of Christmas? Perhaps thousands of years ago people celebrated that the sun started to gain strength after the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

When you have to work the land as we do, you can't help but marvel at the reliance we have on our unique position in the solar system. Whether created by someone or spontaneous combustion, our remarkable universe hangs there as a theatre for us all to play our game of life.

The Groobarbs Game is to service you with as much fresh, healthy produce as we can out of our Cheshire fields and to do that we have an extraordinary team. Their dedication is amazing and they are best people you could want to meet.

So this Christmas, if you could all toast the guys that make it happen on our farm, and anyone who works to serve others; surely they are the ones (if they had the time) that deserve a 'cheese and wine party' in No 10' (lol).

In all it's been a great expansion year for Groobarbs and we have invested so much into growing your food. We're glad to have you aboard as a great customer, supporting our farm and making a local business that will last well into the future. From all of us here at Groobarbs have a Happy Christmas and a great New Year x

by Groobarbs Wild Farm on 23rd December 2021