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Made with organic flour

Five Grain Rye Tin

Taste Me: A beautiful blend of pumpkin, sunflower, millet, brown linseeds and golden linseeds is used to create a beautiful nutty aroma. A light crumb with well distributed, tasty and healthy seeds.

Perfect For: Your trusted toaster, those who hate slicing, delicious sandwiches.

Top Tip: Freeze me sliced in our beautiful waxed bag and whip out a slice as and when you need!

Ingredients (allergens listed in bold): Wheatflour, Water, Rye flour, Linseed (Golden and Brown), Millet, Sunflower Seeds, Salt, Molasses.

Allergens present in the bakery are:
Wheat, Celery (in the Cheese & Marmite Sourdough), Low gluten neutral sourdoughs.

Aidan Monks

Your Artisan Baker...

Aidan Monks uses heritage grains from Northern England. Truly artisan, his breads have won the world bread awards.

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